I Will Not Vote for the Status Quo

The other night, amid a disappointing series of losses for the Bernie Sanders campaign, I made a comment on Facebook — something to the effect that, no matter the outcome of the primaries, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. Over the next few hours, I received a handful of messages from various friends and acquaintances asking me how and why I had made this decision. Isn’t not voting for Hillary the same as casting your vote for Donald Trump? You’re not a Trump supporter, are you? Wouldn’t you rather vote for the lesser of two evils? These three questions in particular seemed to be the common theme among those who didn’t understand why I’ve taken the position I have, and rather than respond to each of those people individually, I thought I might more effectively communicate my intentions by taking the time to refine my thoughts and present them to everyone in a single post. This is that post.

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